What People are Saying... 

“Over the last two years I have had the opportunity to both know and appreciate Kent Speakman as a valuable team member in our Greenlight community. From the early phases of our online social network, Kent has been a Community Ambassador facilitating simultaneously the growth of the online community as well as hosting networking events in Los Angeles, Toronto and Calgary. He understands, shares and lives the my principles and those of Ferrazzi Greenlight. Kent not only continues to build a strong network that he can be held accountable by, but also builds his own success through helping others achieve their goals. He brings positive energy, creativity and infectious enthusiasm to all that he does. I continuously observe that Kent genuinely cares about the people he serves as partners, clients and friends.”

Keith Ferrazzi , CEO , Ferrazzi Greenlight


“Kent is a strategic thinker with a passion for ideas. I've been using his work in my advertising and social media classes for years now to expose students to high quality work and insights into the future of the industry. Not only is he a great talent, he's also generous when it comes to helping others.”

 Tracy Tuten, Associate Professor of Marketing, East Carolina University


“Kent is a Connector. He has a keen ability to put people together with solutions, and help them achieve the goals and success they desire. Kent is naturally charismatic with strong character, integrity, and goodwill.” 

Brad Foster, CMO , The Media Merchants


“Kent is a thorough and detailed-oriented manager and with his natural charisma, can lead any project from here to Beijing. He’s that good.”  

Cabral Richards, Host / Producer , The Score Television Network


“It is impossible to put into words all of the amazing qualities of such an extraordinary man, because I know that I would only scratch the surface in trying to explain what Kent Speakman is capable of. Kent is an extremely personable individual and has a natural ability to connect with others on all levels. His magnetic personality makes him a genuine networker and his driven nature and positive attitude make every experience working with him a positive one. Kent’s professionalism complements his knowledge and expertise and makes him second to none in any situation. Kent’s passion for using his strengths for the benefit of others is extremely admirable. He is an inspiration and positive influence for countless individuals. Kent has demonstrated his selflessness through his involvement with various charities and organizations and is a great role model for all that come across his path. Above all Kent is a great friend, mentor, and inspiration and is a true leader in everything that he does.”

Shannon Smadella , Miss Canada 2009 , Miss Canada 


“As a strategic thinker with strong business acumen, Kent knows what it takes to achieve sales success in today’s marketplace. By helping his clients realize measurable performance improvements, he creates value with every interaction. That’s a real rarity that sets him way above the crowd!”

Jill Konrath , Chief Sales Officer & Best Selling Author , Selling to Big Companies


“Kent is a dynamic, industrious, enterprising, and resourceful businessman with a heart of gold. He is a hands-on, level-headed, results- and detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. Kent is a highly motivated and visionary enterpreneur endowed with sui generis leadership qualies; imbued with innate abilities and capabilities to galvanise others to enthusiastically rally to the embrace of a worthy cause. Kent is not just a businessman, but also a great humanist dedicated to making a difference in the plight and lot of the less fortunate of the world. Of his own volition, Kent organised and executed the first ever benefit concert which did not only raise funds for Africa We Care, but unveiled the Vision, the Mission, and the Cause of the organization to the community at large. I am glad to be LinkedIn with Kent again. And knowing him as I do, I believe that through the auspices of his organizational network Africa We Care will gain greater exposure, and acrue tremendous benefits that augurs well in the alleviation of suffering in Africa through the empowerment of the African people. Kent and I know that Africa needs opportunity rather than charity.” 

Chukwuemeka Obiajunwa , Executive Director , Africa We Care 


“Kent is extremely pleasant to deal with, he knows the interactive industry in and out and is always attentive to discussions on creative side of things. It has been great working with Kent and I’m looking forward to new projects led by Kent.” 

Alexander Zagoumenov, Online marketing & SEO consultant


 “It’s been a pleasure interacting and working with Kent, who sits on the advisory board of our portfolio company – iKapital. The association with him has expedited our expansion in North America (especially Canada). His understanding and experience in the motion picture and advertising industries has been a huge asset to our board. His ideas around M&A driven roll-up strategies, sales & business development have been very critical to iKapital’s expansion in the North American region. He will be an asset to any active advisory board.”

Prabhu Antony , SVP Americas (S&L) & Fund Manager (AVIF) , Sett & Lucas / AKER Venture Incubation Fund


 “I have had the pleasure of knowing Kent for over 15 years. In that time we have studied together as well as worked together multiple times. He is a strong leader and his strategic work is always well thought out. He presents himself in a very professional manner regardless of the environment. His positive nature has contributed to his success in his work, building and maintaining a large network of colleagues and friends, as well as benefited the causes he is passionate about – Project Smile, Africa We Care, etc.”

Kita Eserve (Ferrer), Entrepreneur , Online Media Consultant


“Kent is one to watch… and work with! What is unique about Kent is the level of integrity he brings to the table. His marketing excellence and creative prowess will make you want to work with him; his integrity will bring you back. Whether it’s innovative marketing, packaging a feature film, or like me, you are looking for great people to enhance your creative team, I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend Kent!”  

Michael Bruce Adams , Award Winning Screenwriter & Owner , Sol Perro Films Incorporated


“Kent Speakman’s perfomance in sales and strategy has contributed directly to the fast pace of growth and innovation that our company experiences today. Kent possesses a lucid characteristic for idea collaboration, a zest of personality coupled with an authentic approach to business. His hard work and perseverance during our time of growth has proven to be paramount to our organizational goals.”

 Troy Davis , Devon Energy 


“It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Speakman and Engageia. Kent's ability to bring trustworthy relationships, that produce results, have enabled Meaning in Motion to excel in, and throughout development. I recommend Kent and his team's ability to bring qualified relationships to any organization which aids them in building the sturdy foundations many corporations lack today. A true gentleman.”

Nels Lennarson, Principal, Slyde Films

"InvestmentPitch.com has "engaged" the services of Engageia, and we are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with this highly skilled and personable team of professionals. Periodically, we will be able to post progress updates as to milestones and relevant ongoing developments. We recommend Engageia to any corporation or progressive enterprise perusing strategic excellence with respects to on-line business and media communications. 

Joseph Nuyten - President, InvestmentPitch.com


“Kent has introduced my film to a number of reputable distributors and international sales agents on the way to getting our big distribution deal. He’s personable and well-connected and will do everything he can to help you in multiple aspects of the film industry.”

Blaine Thurier, Musician/Writer/Director , MatadorRecords/InfinityMedia  


“I’ve known Kent for many years. During that time, I’ve had the pleasure to both work for him and work along side him. As a manager he always ensured sales were high, staff were motivated and customers were extremely satisfied. As a fundraising partner, I’ve been privileged enough to see a new side to Kent; one that is just as enthusiastic as his career drive but for incredibly selfless purposes. Kent is an avid member of the charitable community and his passion for the causes he takes on is nothing short of inspiring. Kent excels in any area he puts his mind or heart into.”

Leslie McMillan , Public Affairs Specialist , Natural Resource Group, LLC


“Kent is a positive and creative business person with a unique ability to connect people and projects in a productive and effective way. I appreciate his honesty and integrity and the ethical way he conducts business.”

LuAnne Morrow , Senior Associate , Intellectual Property Group BLG


  “Kent has always been so quick to step up and help me or connect me with someone who is able to help. He did this again by connecting a colleague of mine with a meeting in Cannes to discuss possible distribution of his television series. Kent is well connected and more importantly always ready to help.”

Mitch Lee , Owner , Redemption Audio


“First and foremost, Kent is an absolute gentleman. His professional approach and kind demeanor make him an absolute pleasure to work with. His industry insight coupled with his attention to detail solidify him as a key resource for everything interactive. As a well rounded and approachable individual, Kent proves to be a tremendous assett and definately one of my few “go-to” guys.” 

Allan Korsunsky , National Sales Manager , Quake Marketing


“Kent gets the job done. That’s all there is to it. His roster of talents and skills is impressive, but the bottom line is, he gets it done.” 

Peter Skagen , Owner , 4th Street Productions


“I really enjoy working with Kent. He is passionate about connecting people with similar interests and needs. I’ve seen Kent take great risks – only to be fully rewarded. He is certainly a committed member of the team and truely wants the best for everyone. He works hard to make things better at every opportunity. I also find Kent easy to speak with and work with when issues arise. He is open to learning and making the team better.”

Lorne Hass, Project Manager , Suitcase Interactive


“Kent inspires everyone with his boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion — especially for clients’ business. He’s a strategic thinker, constantly exploring new ideas and combining tried-and-true methods to innovate unique approaches and solve complex problems to deliver value. A true “people person” and genuine networker, Kent avidly shares all of his wisdom and contacts with others, and motivates others with his perpetually positive attitude. A true gentleman and rising star who has only just begun his ascent to the pinnacle of success.” 

Rob Howard


“Kent’s poised professionalism and attentiveness to The Mustard Seed’s project objectives has given us confidence that end goals will be achieved in a timely, accurate and innovative fashion. His strategic approach has helped us better understand how to leverage and manage our online presence to achieve measurable outcomes.” November 14, 2008 

Courtney Fliss


“Kent Speakman is on the ball an thinks on his feet. You can count on Kent to make a deadline, motivate a team and meet objectives. I look forward to the chance to work with Kent again, Charz Kelso”

Charz Kelso , Sales and Marketing manager , DEMCO, Inc.


“I have collaborated with Kent at various points throughout the last year to obtain his insight into the many options my company has regarding marketing campaigns and interactive websites. His recommendations and industry know how was very valuable in helping me to discover the appropriate paths my company can take on future marketing initiatives. I have introduced Kent to many of my colleages both in Calgary and internationally and they were very impressed with Kent’s background knowledge, expertise and professionalism. I look forward to working with Kent in the near future.” 

Tracey Nabe, Marketing- Canada , AVEVA


“Kent consistently demonstrates a high-degree of expertise as an online strategist and continues to deliver quality work under challenging conditions. Examples of work Kent has provided for Shaw include the Snailskis microsite (no longer live) which was very well regarded by both client and consumer audiences; and the Shaw Secure microsite: http://shawsecure.ca// In addition to providing high-calibre creative, Kent is a trusted advisor who puts client’s needs first and solves problems in a strategically sound way. I would recommend Kent anytime. Ken Farrington”

Ken Farrington, Shaw


“Kent handled himself in a very professional manner and was alwasy seen as a customer focused individual. His ability to put people at ease when dealing with issues helps clients work through challenges more effectively. I would recommend Kent in any capacity.”

Wade Harper


“Kent has in my option, two of the most important qualities you need to be successful in business and in life…Integrity and Passion!!”

Rob Gill, Accounts Manager , Labrador Technologies


“Kent and the team were instrumental in bringing strategy and implementation of our flagship program Energy TV to the web. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kent in 2008.”

Lochinvar Sturdy, Chandran Media Group, Freevi Television Network


“Kent is truly an amazing business man and a great person. His professional network and personal charm are truly unparalleled. Kent’s ability to quickly adopt to change and new technology is a true asset in any field. Kent and I have had the opportunity to consult on multiple projects and his dedication to the client and depth of understanding across a broad spectrum of industry is a real asset. I would highly recommend Kent as an associate and as someone anyone would be privileged to work with.”

Chris Dykstra , Client Services Director, Suitcase Interactive


“Kent’s the sort of dude that every writer should be so lucky as to work with. Always the diplomat, the guy’s got a way of balancing us crazy creative types with client needs and wants. He’s excellent at ‘telling the story’ – even though the story sometimes gets away on him (but that’s why he’s got a copywriter around to begin with). An excellent communicator with an unheard-of level of professionalism, Kent works hard ’til the job’s done and gives it his all. And the end result? Always outstanding. Or, as a certain brilliant copywriter once said, “bing bing bing!””

Heather Stoutenburg, Interactive Copywriter


“Kent is a person of integrity and accountability. I am pleased to give him my recommendation.”

Dean Owen, Creative Director , MGM Communications


“Kent is a personable, high-integrity person who works very hard to meet customer expectations. I enjoyed working with Kent on one project and would recommend him as a reliable consultant and business partner.”

Kenn Bur


“Kent has proven to be a huge asset to our business and has helped us not only create some new high level accounts but broaden our reach by continually establishing key business relationships. Very committed, diligent and reliable… and he’s got some fancy pants”

Trent Martens , Creative Director , Suitcase Interactive


“I have had the privilege of working with Kent over the course of 7 years with two different companies. He is a detail oriented individual that thinks outside the box when it comes to marketing and promotions and understanding the needs of the people he works with. His passion for finding a better way for clients is exemplified in his work and abilities to build relationships with everyone he does business with. Kent emanates a high level of confidence in any situation. I highly recommend getting an opportunity to experience the different approaches Kent tackles any business complication you are experiencing to fully appreciate the vast arsenal of solutions this young entrepreneur exudes.”

Robert Swiderski , Director of Insight and Planning , Suitcase Interactive


“Kent is a well balanced manager, who had demonstrated excellent leadership skills in targeting specific business objectives.”

Rob Cyrynowski , GM – Entertainment , Penny Lane Entertainment